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Armed Security Guard Training

The importance of hiring security personnel to protect their people and assets has been realized by businesses. However, they are aware that employing an armed officer entails a significant responsibility. 


The 16-hour (2, 8-hour days) course costs $180.

In Tennessee, the ASA Public Safety Armed Guard Course is the most sought-after and prestigious training academy certification. Our comprehensive course exceeds industry standards and combines classroom instruction with a state-of-the-art virtual simulation that creates realistic scenarios. Additionally, our optional Medical First Responder course further enhances your knowledge and skills, making you well-prepared to take on professional careers in the Security Specialist Industry. 

To become an armed guard, you must fulfill the following training requirements: complete four hours of classroom instruction covering orientation, legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer, emergency procedures, and general duties. In addition, complete eight more hours of classroom instruction covering legal limitations on firearm use, firearm handling, and firearm safety and maintenance. Finally, you must complete four additional hours on the shooting range for marksmanship training and achieve a minimum of 70% on any silhouette target course approved by the commissioner. 

The 16-hour curriculum costs $180 and includes a solid grasp of firearm safety and handling as a prerequisite. To register, you will need a reliable centerfire firearm, two magazines, an outside the waistband holster (if you own your firearm), a rugged belt, a spare magazine holder, eye and ear protection, rugged/comfortable clothes and shoes, 50 rounds of ammunition (with at least five rounds of self-defense/duty rounds), a gun cleaning kit, a notebook, and a pen. 

Each armed security officer must qualify/certify with each firearm they will carry while on duty according to Tennessee law, by make, model, and caliber. Certain holsters, such as Serpa type, shoulder, or small of the back holsters, are not allowed. 

It is important to note that the ASA Public Safety Armed Guard Course is not an introductory class, and students must possess and demonstrate basic safe gun handling. Failure to meet this requirement will result in removal from the course without a refund. If you fail the shooting qualification for the Armed Guard or Armed Guard Recertification Class, you may have one opportunity to reshoot for a fee of $20.00 within 30 days of your original class date, and you must schedule your reshoot with the front desk by calling 615-360-6002. 

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