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Less Than Lethal Devices

(Baton, Taser, Chemical Spray)

As an Unarmed/Armed Guard or responsible Civilian, it's important to understand that not every situation requires the use of deadly force.

The cost of the course is $200.00, and it lasts for 8 hours or 1 day. 

It's your responsibility to use the minimum amount of force necessary to handle a situation. The use of Less Than Lethal options has been shown to reduce injuries for both suspects and guards, while also decreasing liability and maintaining control. 

This comprehensive class offers students an array of de-escalation techniques and tools to handle various situations. Along with verbal communication, students will learn how to identify warning signs and prevent Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome, properly handcuff suspects, use a collapsible Baton, and effectively use Electronic Control Devices (TASER) and Chemical Sprays, while understanding the science behind them. 

The course is regulated by the Department of Commerce and Insurance and qualifies Security guards to carry a Baton, Chemical Spray, and TASER while on duty. 

Topics covered include Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome/Excited Delirium, Handcuffing, Impact Weapon, Electronic Control Devices, and Defensive Spray. 

To participate, students are required to bring an extra shirt for spray contamination, eye drops of their choice, and a pen and paper for note-taking. 

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