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Unarmed Security Guard Training

The importance of hiring security personnel to protect their people and assets has been realized by businesses. However, they are aware that employing an armed officer entails a significant responsibility. 

The 4-hour course costs $80.00, and it lasts for 8 hours or 1 day. 

The ASA Public Safety Unarmed Guard Training program, regulated by the Department of Commerce and Insurance, offers an excellent starting point for individuals looking to enter the security industry. This course is suitable for those aspiring to become static guards or work their way up to executive security specialists. The program goes above and beyond the state requirements and is designed to provide students with a strong foundation for a wide range of security roles. The intensive 4-hour curriculum is delivered by the highly regarded ASA Public Safety, one of the most comprehensive Security Officer schools in Tennessee. 

The training program includes an orientation, instruction on legal powers and limitations of a security guard/officer, emergency procedures, general duties, and a written examination. The cost of the program is $80, with discounts available for students who opt for additional training modules. The duration of the course is 4 hours, and students are required to bring snacks/drinks, a notebook, and a pen. 

Unarmed Guards/Officers are required to renew their registration every two years. 

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